Power and Fashion in The Great Spouse.

Much has actually been discussed the last episode of CBS The Good Wife. And an equivalent amount of time and analysis have actually been devoted to the programs fashion options, which have actually worked as their own performance of bigger messages, signs, and ideas about women and power.

The Atlantic stated that the program s outfits for its leading women spoke with feminism and class and the intricate interplay between the 2.The Wall Street Journal opined that the programs style techniques total up to real options for fully grown women. And The Washington Post dissected the heroine Alicia Florrick’s black

Giorgio Armani coat used in the programs last scene as an option that stirred up connotations of power and armor.

The show s leading women are high-powered legal representatives played by Julianna Margulies, age 49, and Christine Baranski, 64. The impact of these shows is that they’ve taught women over 50 that clothing is an effective part of their identity not to be so shy about clothes, to put themselves out there additional and try new things, stated Betsy Fisher, whose name fashion line accommodates executive women.

Over the past seven seasons, Margulies and Baranski s stellar fit video game has actually been curated by the talented three-time Emmy nominated costume designer Daneil Lawson. And how Lawson has actually dressed these Hollywood women over forty matters here. The Good Wife is a later-in-life bildungsroman, a televised reassurance that a person can come of age at any age; its clothing shows those evolutionary impulses, writes Megan Garber for The Atlantic.

The programs outfit aesthetic likewise speaks profoundly to the crossways of power and womanhood. In an interview for ELLE, Lawson spoke about the importance of keeping the feminine in the characters looks: One thing we set out to have women look feminine in the office and not look like men. We didn’t want them to look masculine. We have three strong female leads on this program, why do we wish to make them resemble guys? Or why do we want to dress them in a masculine style? We want them to look strong and womanly and elegant and effective, all at the same time.